• Please enter your dates to display the price for the selected time and number of people staying, including children, into the adults field.

  • Weekly 7 night stays are discounted 10%. Prices vary with the season and number of beds required. 

  • You are also welcome to email us if you would prefer to book via direct deposit.

  • Reservations require a 25% deposit (non refundable)

  • Balance of 75% will be due 28 days from arrival.

  • Terms and conditions will pop up towards the end for your agreement. The booking is not confirmed until the final stage at the payment page.

  •     Or, simply email contact@topoftherangejindabyne.com.au and I will arrange everything.


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E-MAIL: contact@topoftherangejindabyne.com.au

TEL: 0439 415 896 Lyndal

The Snowy River Way, Jindabyne Nsw 2627