Will it snow during my stay?

This is difficult to say, as some years it snows 2 or 3 times a week. If it doesn't snow the resort areas will make man made snow only 35 minutes drive away.  If it does snow it is lovely to see the farm become a wintery white land. A memory keeper!


Where can I stay with my pet on snow? The winter snowline is within the boarders of the National Park and therefor no properties on  snow are permitted to allow pets to stay. We are one of your best chances for a snowy stay for your pet.


Will my children or pets be safe from farm animals? Yes the loft has it's own fence within the larger area of the property. No sheep or wild life can enter that area, but please feel free to walk with your dogs any where on property knowing you have a safe spot to lock them away if needed. There are no dams within the loft fence.


Do I need a 4wd or chains around your place or Jindabyne? No, but you are required to carry them within the national park during winter season in case of snow fall. (4wd exempt) There is also a ski train that runs from outside Jindabyne to the snow during winter. The speed limit is 40km/hr during snowfall, and on these days I recommend the train to avoid the traffic, lack of parking and day parking fees. More information on the train is on perishers website.